Chronic Climax


This one is for the ladies!  We formulated  our CBD Sour Space Candy & CBG White Walker into this cannabis sensual oil. This duo can give relief to painful intimacy, cycles, inflammation and may increase your libido. Can be used as a massage oil, and when you are simply elevated, your lady parts will thank you for “Chronic Climax “™️ Gentle, and Simply elevating. Healing and ecstasy in one bottle. And we developed it just for you.  Do not worry gents! We have yours in development! We are so excited and hope you can kick your 420 off with a smile! One love canna family! Practice self care and self love! And above all else, “Elevate yourself to your highest potential” ™️ (CAUTION it is an intimacy oil, it cannot be used with condoms)

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2 oz